Consumer Information

The Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy provides many services to the public, other state agencies, and pharmacists. Some of the services provided by the agency include:

  • Information source for the public 
  • Resolve complaints from the public against licensees 
  • Serve as a source of information for all pharmacists 
  • Test New Pharmacists 
  • Provide an avenue for licensure transfer from other states 
  • Discipline pharmacists and other licensees 
  • Share information with other agencies to improve health care 
  • Promulgate regulation to address new areas of public concern 
  • License and regulation of: 
    • Pharmacists 
    • Interns 
    • Pharmacy Technicians 
    • In State Retail Pharmacies 
    • Out of State Retail Pharmacies 
    • Institutions 
    • Hospitals 
    • Wholesale Distributors of Legend and Controlled Substances 
    • Wholesale Distributors of Home Medical Equipment, Legend Devices, and Medical Gases
    • Wholesale Distributors of List I Chemicals 
    • State Supported/Charity Clinics. 
    • Specialty Pharmacies 
  • Inspect Retail Pharmacies, in-state Wholesale Distributors of Controlled Substances and/or Legend Drugs, and Distributors of Home Medical Equipment, legend Devices, and/or Medical Gases

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